I aspire to inspire: spreading more peace, love & kindness by bringing yoga to you!

I created Live Well Yoga because I have always genuinely enjoyed helping others. Sharing my love of yoga and the foundational concepts of mindfulness and deep breathing with others is a great way to inspire more people and help them live well every day…while getting physically fit too.

The foundation of the yoga practice and “coming back to center” is not just for the yoga mat. It can be incorporated into everyday routines and is a great way to improve your overall mind-body wellness, which is more important than ever today with the increase in mental illnesses, especially anxiety and depression caused by stress.

I just love watching the magic that happens on the mat. Until recently, Yoga had mostly been just a physical practice for me – a way to stay in shape. But over time I have realized that Yoga is as much about what happens on the inside as it is on the outside. I have a passion to improve the lives of others and sharing my love for yoga is one way I hope to do this!