I Aspire to Inspire

I created Live Well Yoga with the intention of motivating others to live well every day. My goal is to spread more Peace, Love & Kindness to everyone I meet.

Helping others has always been deeply ingrained in my DNA. I get energized by motivating and inspiring those around me to become the best and truest version of themselves.

I originally found Yoga over two decades ago for the physical workout but when I unknowingly needed it most, Yoga found me for the mental workout. Yoga found me and enlightened me on the numerous benefits it can provide. Yoga found me and made me realize this practice is just as much about the mental exercise.

In the midst of a very challenging period of my life, diving into my Yoga practice and incorporating more mindful moments into my every day routines, helped me re-light my spark and find the confidence to live with more passion every day and to pursue my life purpose.

I have found that prioritizing my own mind-body wellness has helped me better manage stress, work through my grief and baggage, find my voice and confidence again, and just live every damn day with purpose and positivity.

Live Well Yoga gives me the opportunity to spread this positive energy and help others be the best version of themselves and live their best life.

Remember… I aspire to inspire. I have found that sharing my love for Yoga and my passion around mindfulness as a way to reduce stress and live with more purpose, is a great way to help others.

I want to reach people who don’t think Yoga, meditation or mindfulness is for them. I want to reach that busy working professional who is just in the thick of it and needs ME time. I want to reach that person who thinks it’s a luxury to leave their desk for lunch. That was me. I don’t do quiet well and until recently thought busy equaled success, at the detriment to my overall well-being. But I’ve learned that when you prioritize your own mind-body wellness first, you suddenly become more productive all around, and with less stress and anxiety too! I want to use my own personal experience to help others.

I work with consumers, companies and schools, and I love nothing more than working with my customers to better understand their needs and then customize a class, program or workshop to meet those needs.

I genuinely want to reach as many people as possible to help inspire others to improve their overall mind and body wellness, and live their best life every damn day.