Lunch & Learn Seminars

I love working with companies to come on-site and conduct programs and sessions around mindfulness, meditation and yoga as a way to reduce stress.

Statistics show that about a quarter of Americans struggle with mental health issues, and a 2017 study on stress revealed that over half of Americans face high stress levels and experience regular feelings of being overwhelmed.

There are also numerous studies focused on the increased rate of work-related illnesses due to stress. I personally believe this increase in stress levels is the result of:

  • Technology is changing where we work
  • Diverse workforce is changing how we work
  • Competitive environment is changing why we work/amount of work

With more employees than ever before figuring out how to integrate their work and personal lives, it is important for companies to help employees prioritize their overall well-being and provide the tools, resources and support to do so.

I would love the opportunity to work with your company to conduct lunch & learn sessions, workshops and/or programs on how to be more mindful, reduce stress and train your brain to work smarter, not harder.

Contact me today to schedule a session or to learn more about the services Lunch & Learn sessions I have provided for other companies.