Workshops & Programs

With two young children myself, I enjoy introducing yoga to children and teaching them how to take the yoga concepts off the mat into life everyday. The foundations of the yoga practice are great reminders for children of all ages and encourages kindness and self-confidence.

In today’s busy world kids are more anxious and stressed out than ever. Yoga is a great activity to help balance out the busyness and help kids learn healthy habits and techniques to deal with stress and anxiety from a young age.

I love leading school assemblies centered around the principles of yoga and teaching students how to use deep breathing and other techniques when upset, frustrated or anxious. I can also work with your school or learning center to create specialized programs and workshops around yoga and mindfulness for your students.

I absolutely love introducing yoga to students of all ages and working with local schools and learning centers to create programs and workshops designed specifically to meet the needs of your students.

Being a mother actively involved in my own kid’s activities, I do  have all my clearances and background checks to work with young children.