“Pop Up” Group Classes

CURRENT WEEKLY CLASS every Thursday evening at 6:30pm & 7:45pm at Leggings Boutique (1814 Penn Ave) in the center of Pittsburgh’s Strip District.

In addition to Leggings Boutique, I am currently working with several other businesses in the Pittsburgh area to soon begin hosting classes at their location. All we need is a relatively open space and preferably wood floor. I bring the décor to add a yoga vibe in any space. Seriously, I have a traveling studio on wheels.

If you have location recommendations please share. I am also looking for opportunities to work with development companies and apartment buildings to conduct on-site yoga for your resident.

If you have a group and would like me to come to you and teach regular classes we can work together to customize the class to meet the needs of your audience. Or, you have a group of friends that want to try out yoga, I can come to you or set up a location for class.

I also love doing a restorative class for brides and their crew as a perfect way to start off that magical wedding day in the right state of mind.

I can also do a class for free to support that next fundraiser you are hosting.

I truly do love to get creative with my customers and find ways to incorporate yoga, mindfulness and wellness into group gatherings, parties and events.