Personalized 1:1 Yoga Sessions

Yoga can be a beneficial practice for numerous reasons, but there are many pre-conceived notions out there about yoga. My favorite thing is to introduce yoga to someone who has always been intimidated to try a class, never found the time, or has just thought yoga is not for them.

When I first started practicing nearly 20 years ago, it took me a while to catch the yoga bug. It took the right teacher and the right style of yoga for me to fall in love with the practice and realize it’s about so much more than the pose and really is about self-discovery – both mind and body.

I love to work 1:1 with my customers to help them target specific areas or learn the fundamentals of poses.

I offer a variety of personal yoga services and love customizing classes and programs for my customers. I can come to a location of your choice, or we can use a space I have access to use.

Aside from the convenience, with personalized sessions you are held more accountable and stay more motivated by having me as your personal coach to keep you on track and also work on specific areas of focus.